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Rough Brothers Takes A Hands-On Approach To Several Projects

Rough Brothers’ aeroponic greenhouse project at Scissortail Farms in Tulsa County, Okla
One of Rough Brothers’ favorite projects last year was a greenhouse expansion for Altman Plants at its new Giddings, Texas operation. According to Gary Baze of Rough Brothers, “It was a challenge adapting 18 acres’ worth of structure onto a single plot of land, complete with pond, elevation issues and water drainage concerns, all the while meeting both the environmental and material handling concerns of the business.”

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Rough Brothers Completed a New Horticultural Center at Yew Dell Botanical Gardens

Rough Brothers, Inc. worked hand-in-hand with Yew Dell Botanical Gardens (YDBG) and an experienced team of award winning architects and contractors, De Leon & Primer Architecture Workshop and Kiel Thomson Company, to design and build a new horticultural center at their gardens in Crestwood, KY. YDBG’s respect for the tradition and history of their unique gardens coupled with their vision of a sustainable greenhouse formed the foundation for this very unique project. Rough Brothers’ greenhouse structure not only supports a glass roof and walls on the Southern exposure but is also the support system for a live green roof on the North slope. The green roof along with the greenhouse being nestled into a hillside provide ample insulation and thermal mass on the North side of the greenhouse to further control the environment.

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Rough Brothers' Conservatories

Founded in 1932, Rough Brothers’ original business focus was greenhouse maintenance and repair. But, things are far different today. Company growth has been steady in recent years as the breadth of Rough Brothers’ services and products has far exceeded what the original five ‘Rough’ brothers could have ever imagined.

RBI Conservatory Design
RBI Conservatory Design
Today Rough Brothers and its sister companies cover the greenhouse & conservatory industry from one end to the other with specialized internal teams focused on different segments of the overall industry.

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10 Reasons to Bulldoze Your Greenhouse


If your greenhouse is less than 10 years old and is low-maintenance, energy efficient, laid out for smooth flow of materials and is serving your needs beautifully, you can stop reading right now and get back to making money.

But if you’re like most greenhouse owners, your houses range from 20 to 50 years old, and they’re a haphazard maze of hoop houses and gutter-connects of varying age, quality and efficiency. They may work, and they may be paid for, but are they the best for the long-term profitability of your business?
Which leads to the question of retrofit or replace. Should you upgrade your old houses with modern glazing, heating systems and automation? Or is that like the fabled silk-purse-out-of-a-sow’s-ear trick?

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