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Greenhouses refer to special outside constructions used for safe growing of various plants, such as: vegetables (radish, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers etc.); berries (e. G. Strawberries); different flowers and others. These constructions are used mainly in the northern USA states with low temperatures in autumns and winters. As a matter of fact, a greenhouse is used to create an oasis of warm climate within small premises all year round.

Vegetables, berries, flowers, decorative bushes and other plants are grown at private gardens. Fresh groceries become more expensive; moreover, a lot of people prefer having own vegetables and berries on their dinner tables every day. Modern greenhouses are represented by reliable constructions that ensure fresh supplies of ecologic vegetables, berries, flowers and other plants grown with no usage of detrimental supplements.

At the present time there are several types of materials available on the market that are implemented in greenhouse construction. These are: tint, polycarbonate and others.

Special hard tint is widely used to cover greenhouses. It is rather elastic, easy-adjustable and comparatively inexpensive.

Condensed water has got a tendency to gather on the inside layer of greenhouse tint. At present the chemical industry has created and introduced special anti-fog greenhouse tint preventing formation of water drops that deteriorate transparency causing negative effect on plants. It must be mentioned that condensed greenhouse water falls on the leaves resulting in sunburns and/or bacterial lesions of plants. Anti-fog tint removes condensed water making it ooze away. This promotes the safety of plants and increases productivity of greenhouses.

Polycarbonate has conquered significant part of the greenhouse market. It is known to be highly efficient multipurpose material. It has got many advantages in comparison with tint. These are: better light transmission (up to 80%); better distribution of sunlight (covering the entire surface of plants including leaves and trunks); full protection from UV radiation; efficient temperature preservation and others.

The greenhouses that are made from polycarbonate have proven their better efficiency and reliability. Polycarbonate is a highly durable material that can be exposed to any temperature. Moreover, it has got high rating of heat insulation, so greenhouses covered by this synthetic material are known to be more productive.

Estate Gardens Design
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