Rough Brothers Completed a New Horticultural Center at Yew Dell Botanical Gardens

Rough Brothers, Inc. worked hand-in-hand with Yew Dell Botanical Gardens (YDBG) and an experienced team of award winning architects and contractors, De Leon & Primer Architecture Workshop and Kiel Thomson Company, to design and build a new horticultural center at their gardens in Crestwood, KY. YDBG’s respect for the tradition and history of their unique gardens coupled with their vision of a sustainable greenhouse formed the foundation for this very unique project. Rough Brothers’ greenhouse structure not only supports a glass roof and walls on the Southern exposure but is also the support system for a live green roof on the North slope. The green roof along with the greenhouse being nestled into a hillside provide ample insulation and thermal mass on the North side of the greenhouse to further control the environment.

YDBG is fortunate enough to have a project site that allowed for drilling into the earth to support a geothermal system. The sustainable approach was further realized through the use of solar panels and battery storage to power the Rough Brothers greenhouse and related equipment. Rough Brothers’ capable engineering and design staff molded a series of design challenges into an aesthetically pleasing and fully functional growing environment. YDBG staff and visitors are enjoying their gardens during record low temperatures while staying warm inside of their new sustainable greenhouse.

About Rough Brothers, Inc

Rough Brothers, Inc. has designed engineered, manufactured and constructed greenhouses and related systems since 1932. For over 80 years, the company has provided the highest quality, best-crafted and most reliable greenhouse structures to the most successful growers, educators, researchers and exhibitors in the industry. Known for high quality greenhouse structures and fully integrated greenhouse systems including material handling systems, heating, cooling, ventilation, irrigation systems and environmental controls, the company is the leading structures and systems company in North American.

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