Greenhouse Introduction

What is a greenhouse? 

Rough Brothers Greenhouse
Inside Greenhouse
A greenhouse is a structure where live plants such as flowers, fruits, vegetables are grown. This can be made with glass, wood or cement. Greenhouse often comes with heat because the sun rays warm the plants air, soil, and other relevant components within the greenhouse.  Hot Air is coming to interior area inside the structure through the roof and wall.

How does a greenhouse work

Normally heating greenhouses use a special made glass. It acts as a medium which selectively transmits spectral frequencies. Any object in the universe emits, radiates or transmits light. The distribution of this light along an electromagnetic spectrum is determined by the object’s composition. Therefore, the glass of a greenhouse traps energy within the greenhouse and the heat in turn provides heat for the plants as well as the ground inside the greenhouse. It warms the air and the ground, preventing it from rising and leaving the confines of the structure.

Why do you need a greenhouse?

Just want to make it for a hobby? Homeowners attach greenhouses to their homes. Even schools have greenhouses built by elementary and high school students. Finally, the wholesome taste of a home grown tomato! Everyone knows there is a difference. If greenhouses can save our lives, we may, at some point in time, consider the idea of building one soon, a first step towards self-sufficiency.

Greenhouse Design
Greenhouse Designs

What types of Greenhouses available?

Once you decide that you want to build a greenhouse (garden greenhouse or commercial greenhouse), you have to decide next what type to greenhouse build. This is not a big problem if you know what kinds of plants you want to grow.

  1. You will need to answer questions such as:
  2. Do I want a garden or commercial greenhouse?
  3. What will my greenhouse be principally used for?
  4. Is my garden exposed to strong snow, winds and water?

Factors such as cost and space will determine the type of greenhouse you build.  If you do live in a snow area, such as Midwest or Northwest it may be worth to spend the extra bucks for a metal and solid greenhouse.  If you want to get prices about greenhouse and related services Rough Brothers is best places to start. Our Sales team should be able to provide you with valuable information before you make a final decision.

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