How to design your Garden Greenhouse - 1

Rough Garden Greenhouses
Garden Greenhouse
When designing your garden greenhouse always choose shrubs and trees that suit your climate and the scale of your property as they will require less maintenance, and give you more time to relax and enjoy your greenhouse. Never buy shrubs or trees with roots protruding from the base of their pot, or plants with a lot of top growth and side shoots for the size of their pot, no matter how cheap they are. Advanced specimens come in larger pots, and plants in the correct pot for their size will grow faster when transplanted because their roots have not been restricted. Reputable nurseries take good care of their stock, and repot when necessary. Paying a little more for an advanced specimen of a slow-growing cultivar could be cheaper than having to replace shrubs or trees bought cheaply at a travelling market.

Don’t forget to include some trees in your garden greenhouse, if possible. Trees have longer roots and can draw nutrient minerals from deeper in the soil. Nutrients, cellulose and lignins are shed as flowers, leaves and bark, continuing nature’s cycle of returning organic matter to the topsoil for the benefit of future growth. We know that when trees are removed soil salinity and soil erosion increase, yet we continue to clear land in the name of commercial enterprise, providing conditions for more deserts in the future.

When considering which trees to plant, remember that large trees also have large roots that can cause damage to plumbing, foundations and your garden greenhouse when planted in unsuitable areas. Large trees also cast a lot of shade, limiting the growth of sun-loving plants in small gardens.

All trees modify the climate in your garden greenhouse to some extent. Small trees may not cast large areas of shade, but they do help to keep your garden greenhouse warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Trees have such an important influence on their environment that clearing large quantities of trees can reduce rainfall over a broad area.

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