A Quick Glance Into A Greenhouse

What is a greenhouse?

Yes the first question is what is a Greenhouse? It is a building formation where plants such as fruits, vegetables, flowers are grown in right warmth. It magnetize warmth from the sun and inside a greenhouse sun’s electromagnetic radiation warms the plants, soil, and other components within the greenhouse to provide a pleasant environment for growing. Not only for growing outdoor  warm swimming pools too can be built within a greenhouse to be used during cold winter days.

A Greenhouse design and built by Rough Brothers Inc
A Greenhouse design and built by Rough Brothers Inc

How the greenhouse ideas first popped?

The very first greenhouse idea goes back to the days of the Romans. They were the very first set of people who created formations to protect their plants. They used heated pits and used rock slabs to form the prehistoric greenhouses they used.

In the 17th and 18th centuries the word “glasshouse” which is the correct name of this formation, was adopted.

At that time, they made a mistake by believing that heat was more important to the plans than light. Due to this many structures were built to exclude the entry of light, but by the time the glass tax of 1845 was eliminated, the designs of these early stage greenhouses started to change rapidly.

Greenhouse builders realized that a curved roof as a replacement for of a flat one permitted high absorption of the sun’s rays and by using iron as a substitute to  wood, the greenhouse could be structurally stable and made capable of gripping more light.

It has been more than forty years now since the major upgrading in materials and design have been incorporated into the greenhouses, and small scale greenhouses are now very much a attribute of any home garden.

Mechanism behind the greenhouse capturing heat?

A very special kind of glass is used in greenhouses which acts as a intermediary which selectively send out spectral frequencies.

Simply the spectral frequency can be described in terms of the principle any object in the world releases, radiates or broadcast light and the circulation of this light along an electromagnetic spectrum is determined by composition of the entity. For that reason, the special glass of a greenhouse grab energy inside the greenhouse and that supply the needed heat for the plants and the soil inside the greenhouse. This mechanism warms the air close to the ground and prevents it from rising and exiting the boundaries of the greenhouse structure. As an example, if you open a small window / vent near the top or roof of a greenhouse, the temperature drops considerably.

This happens  due to the auto vent automatic cooling system which is used by greenhouses that maintains a variety of temperatures inside it. This is how greenhouses trap the electromagnetic radiation and avoid convection.

The advantages of greenhouses :

There are many advantages of having green houses. The main advantage is the capability to expand the growing season even when the weather is getting colder. Early stage fruits, vegetables can be planted indoors and then transfer them when they have grown-up. A several additional weeks will be gained by these greenhouse owners for the growing and sowing period particularly if there is a heating system installed in the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Heating System
A Greenhouse Heating System

Addition to expanding the growing season to the cold season and being able to control temperature, light and moisture in a greenhouse, the farmer or gardener can sharpen their skills by getting familiar with as many diversity of plants as he can in the greenhouse. Visualize being able to grow juicy tomatoes , chilies or creating new plant kinds by this simple act of breeding.

Even if you have a limited outdoor space your garden or that is completely paved or concreted as in many apartments you can still make use of limited space by using small sized greenhouses. These are what people call “free standing” greenhouses which just takes a few square feet of space to build up and these can be even installed on small balconies or roof tops.

Greenhouses will also provide protection from the harmful elements to the plans and even from birds and animals. It also provides easy access to the elderly and disabled, given the fact that greenhouses are less physically challenging than a wide open field.

In addition to all these uses within a green house a warm summer environment can be created throughout the year for luxury lifestyles.

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