The Advantages of Working with Rough Brothers

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Greenhouse growers throughout North America use Rough Brothers Inc. as their trusted source for greenhouse and related technical services such as greenhouse design, construction, and maintenance. Because of their customer loyalty, customer made us one of the largest suppliers of commercial greenhouse in the North America. Our customers count on us to be their partners in their greenhouse businesses, knowing that with each collaborate; they get reliable customer service & state of the art technical expertise.
Here are some of the great advantages you’ll find when you make Rough Brothers your greenhouse partner:
  1. Exceptional customer service. Your business always comes to first place.
  2. Industry expert advice and in-depth knowledge of the latest greenhouse horticulture technology.
  3. Thousands of the highest quality greenhouse equipment and supplies. Check our product catalog.
  4. Professional greenhouse installation.
  5. Always on schedule.
  6. Knowledgeable staff who know how to solve problems without any delays. So there are no costly mistakes.
Find out what our satisfied customers already know.

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